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My name is Jenniz. I was born in my hometown Phuket, Thailand. I am outgoing person who loves to party and travel. I also love the hospitality business. I feel that I have a great sense of humour with a modern chic Thai traditional style and a bit of foreigner straight in the face attitude. I also had an opportunity to spent part of my life in Switzerland, America and Dubai. When I was studying hotel operations in Switzerland, I was able to travel around different parts of the world and experienced some of the most exclusive five star luxury and boutique hotels. I also met with people from various culture and background, which makes me comfortable to communicate with almost everyone. With all of the experience I was able to obtain through my travel, I also adopted great taste in living and entertaining style.

OneLoft HotelAbout The Hotel...

This is a truly special project, not only this is the biggest project until today, this is a lifetime decision. I am extremely excited about this journey, because of the support from my greatest loving parents, friends and the experts, who all have contributed to the accomplishment of my dream project. The theme of the hotel that I have built is entertainment hotel. I want everyone who visits the hotel to prepare their mind set: “I am here to meet friends and have a great time!”

All requests can be discussed & arranged beforehand or upon arrival. As for the details of our party experience: the hotel offers ice-breaking activities throughout the week in high season. This is to ensure that everyone will make and meet new friends and have fun together like the hotel quote “Entertainment is seen in every corner and this is a chance to meet new people here at Oneloft”

To further enhance the entertainment factor, the hotel also hosts events like learning how to cook Thai food, international/local artists performing live, New Year celebration, and theme cosplay party. Great party must also have fun food. The hotel offers special creation from time to time, such as food in shot glasses, fire burning cocktails, and etc.

For hotel designs I am going with modern contemporary theme with a tad of sexy loft twist, while keeping simple and elegant clean look, making things innovative and integrate fun elements. One of the key factors of my hotel is service. My team and I take great pride in our service, believing every customer will be treated like a special guest and they will have a great vacation.

Oneloft offers its guests a unique and memorable stay, when it comes to entertainment and social events. Guests can enjoy the modern and contemporary aspects of the architect and furnishing, while met with its exclusive and personal service that is limited to the hotel. Oneloft is a once in a lifetime experience that promotes social entertainment, VIP and private services, and accommodations at an affordable price, and I guarantee an enjoyable stay to remember.

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